Old Flash Games

The first games I have ever made back in the 2000’s !
Have some nostalgic fun on the classic Newgrounds website 🙂 .Please note that the games run with Adobe Flash Player – if you can’t use flash player try Newgrounds Player.

Crazy Shot

This is one of the first games I have ever made. I started working on it on 2007 when I only knew the basics of Flash, but got tired of it after a while. Two years later (2009) I decided to finish it.

Controls :
Mouse = Aim
Right Click = Shoot
Space = Pause
Shift = Reload
UP key = Explosive Bomb
Down key = Time Bombs
Left key = Shield
Right key = G.O.L: Gift Of Life

Chopper Mania

Flying avoid games (like “Flappy Bird”) were very popular at the time, so I created one of my own with some nice twists. In Chopper Mania your skills will be tested with high pressure gameplay, including your mouse and keyboard, used to press buttons, break walls, avoid moving parts and more.

Tiny Round Shaped Warriors

Here I really pushed my limits considering I was still learning Flash, trying to create a full action rpg style game with lots of minions and big bosses. The result is a clanky game, yet it turned out to be one of my favorites! And the reviews were nice too 🙂