Experimental Games


An experimental game about a meeting

​A game that is meant to be played by two players on two different screens. The goal is to meet the other player, without being able to see them, by only leaving trails and echoes.

  • Developed in collaboration with 2 other programmers (Batsheva Schiff, Ido Lazer) and 3 designers (Ariel Azuz, Jasmine Nackash and Mati Kalter) as part of a university course.
  • Wrote code for controlling the characters movment, world rotation end screen, menus and sound control.
  • Worked on the main game loop and parts of the core Mechanics
  • Managed the integration with the artists.

Developed in Unity using C#.​
Made in a Bezalel’s unity Game Jam Course 2019.

HCI Gold Miner

A project for a course in Human Computer Interaction at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The player uses a custom made, 3D printed motion controller in order to control the miner hook. The game is based on the classic Game Miner Browser game.

  • Developed in collaboration with Ofir Nisimi.
  • Implemented game logic.
  • Art and Design
  • Created the controller’s circuit, programmed I/O operations and gesture recognition.
  • Wrote a short program using processing for the communication between the gesture recognition program Wekinator and Grasshopper.

Developed in Rhino 6, using Grasshopper and Arduino.​