Game Jams & Mini Games

Swamp Of The Frogroover

Our prince has turned into a frog! Help him get his groove on and go back to his kingdom. Hop on the beat, swallow bees and use them against the enemies of the swamp!

A 1D re-imagening of Crypt of the Necrodancer’s movement mechanics.  Made for Mix and Game Jam 2019, With all original art and soundtrack.

– Left / Right to hop
– Space to shoot bees

A game by:
Amir Blum – Programming, Game Design
Itamar Dag – Programming, Game Design
Amit Netanel – Programming
Galit Brawerman – Art
Ofek Mizrahi (OfeX) – Art
Yotam Aluf – Music & SFX

Made with Unity in 48hrs for Mix & GameJam 2019


F*&# ! F*&#  this F*&#ing storm! The F*&#ing electricity is out! AGAIN!
I need to find the KEY to the F*&#ing PULSE CLOSET so I can fix the ELEVATOR.
And go F*&#ing home!

Point and click to move. 
Endless random generated levels.

A game by:
Erez Hecht – Programming, Game design
Gali Sharaf – Art, Game design
Ofek Mizrahi (OfeX) – Programming, Game design
Tal Shaveh – Art, Game design

Made in a Bezalel’s unity Game Jam Course 2019.

Sheep Ball

A really short Minigame made in Bezalel’s unity Game Jam Course 2019 to test basic game mechanics.
Use the Arrows to move, collect all the apples to win.
A game by Ofex.


HockeyPocalypse is a combination between the classic pong game and the snake. The two players are playing against each other and the hockey disk is actually a bomb. Don’t let the bomb explode on your side of the field and don’t let it hit your barrels! The first player with all barrels set on fire loses.

A game by:
Ofek Mizrahi (Ofex): Programming
Yagel: Programming
Elena Ivanov: Art & Game Design
Mati Kalter : Art & Game Design

Made in a Bezalel’s unity Game Jam Course 2019.