Habitica Pomodoro Extension

Pomodoro Timer and SiteBlocker that Plugs into Habitica and turns your time-wasting navigation tendencies into rewards.

This Chrome extension has two main features:

1.”Pay to Pass” Website Blocker:
Website Blocker that plugs into Habitica and limits you from visiting websites that you decide. You can decide to visit these sites by spending Habitica currency, which you’ll earn by developing good habits and doing chores.

2.Pomodoro Productive Timer:
You can read about the pomodoro technique here.
During Pomodoro mode, all websites in the list are blocked, websites with cost 0 are blocked only during pomodoro. A Pomodoro habit is created automatically for the user in Habitica, with an option in the extension settings to automatically score [+] or [-] of the habit when a Pomodoro is done successfully or fails accordingly.


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